Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why Can't We Be More Progressive?

So what does Gainesville, Florida and Portland, Oregon have in common with Pensacola? You would be surprised.

The big difference is Government. Government develops and enforces the ordinances that reflects what our leaders think that we want; what's in our best interest. Has anyone from our local Government asked us what we want? No one has come knocking on my door.

Having a green community offers many benefits to the public. Let's talk about what we do have for a minute: (Physical Attributes)

           A beautiful beach
           Downtown amenities, like sports, restaurants, bars, art galleries and museums.
           Blight and abandoned homes/businesses
           Dumpster overload
           Weeds and invasive species everywhere
           Poisonous insecticides and fertilizer

What do we not have:

          Green spaces
          Updated stormwater infrastructure
          Clean, healthy water for recreational activities
          Enough recycling
          Pervious pavement
          Enough parks
          Attractive bioswales
          Rain gardens
          Green rooftops
          Enough sidewalks
          Good lighting
          Family recreation
          Green transportation
          Rich tree canopy

These are only a few things to mention. If our community wants this to change, then the common thread between a progressive city like Gainesville and Pensacola is the wants of the people, and that common thread must change the laws and ordinances to reflect that.

We must be the voice for the people. Citizen action groups like Emerald Coastkeeper try to do just that. It's about the grassroots effort to educate and empower the people to demand a clean, safe, green, recreational community for our families, both now and in the future.

Please join us on our website and social media. Find out how YOU can make a difference in your neighborhood, how you can make a difference in your community.

For more information, go to Emerald Coastkeeper. For a current community project, go to the Carpenter Creek Restoration contest. Voting begins April 12th through May 12th. You may vote up to once per day. This contest through USA Today and Gannett could provide $100,000.00 for a project in the heart of Pensacola, your community!

You can help make a difference, we are here to support that difference.